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Welcome to Department of Public Finance

Department of Public Finance has been serving within the Marmara University (MU) Faculty of Economics since 1984, in fact its roots based on much older. "Finance-Accounting" branch, which is one of the three specialization areas founded in İstanbul Economics and Commercial Sciences Academy (IECSA) in 1959, that offers four years of education, constitutes the foundations of our department. Public Finance department sustained its existence as "Economics-Public Finance" branch (major), which is one of the two specialization areas, after change in the program, due to the beginning of the evening education in IECSA from 1967. "Public Finance Department", which is founded in 1984, bounded to FEAS, within the body of the new foundation, due to transformation of IESCA to MU in July 1982, operates not only with morning educatio, but also with eveningeducation from 1993. The old history of our department leaves the legacy of structure and academic tradition derived from strong academic staff.

There are four branches in our department. These are; Theory of Public Finance, Fiscal Economics, Fiscal Law and Budget and Fiscal Planning. As long as the bachelors education, thesis and non thesis master's and doctoral (Ph. D) programs, which are offered by Marmara University Social Sciences Institute depending on Theory of Public Finance, Fiscal Economics, Fiscal Law branches are carried out by our department.

While bachelor, master and doctoral programs in question, are mainly carried out by the six Professors, two Associate Professors and six Assistant Professors; and two Lecturers with Ph. D. also valuable veteran Professors contributes to the education by giving graduate and doctoral courses. On the other hand, 4 Research Assistants are permanent staff and 14 of which came from various Universities in order to get master and doctoral education, are also helping the professors in various phases of educationprocess. Besides, courses in the scope of law, economics and accounting in our curriculum, are carried out by the expert professors coming from related departments and Lecturers appointed by the University. In short, our department, is operated by the valuable, professors, lecturers and assistants, who are experts in their fields.

In our department, in addition to mainly public finance, public economics and tax legislation courses, an intensive education curriculum, supported with essential courses in accounting, economics and law areas are offered. The main goal in education is to train individuals, who will meet the staff need in both public and private sector at all level, not only multilingual but also have gained the ability to evaluate economic and financial events in various aspects. With the help of the curriculum developed and applied based on this understanding, our department has the claim to offer compherensive and sufficient education to its students.

Prof.Dr. Turgay Berksoy

Head of Department of Public Finance

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